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Update and Help
« on: October 04, 2008, 19:54:27 »
Update we are now using a state of the art forum core to run our forum on. But not only a new forum, a new look and a new name to go with it - our old name was originally tied to a site that hasn't been active for around 4 years, on top of which we were getting a high loading from spammers due to the ".info" domain - so we decided it was time for a change and South West Off-Roaders ( was born ;)


Some bits of help using and navigating the forum:

Parts of the forum can not be seen or used unless you are a member and signed in, including:

Posting can  only be done by signed in members

Images on the forum can only be viewed by signed in members  So if you can't see a pic - sign in or join us ;)

Media is the new name for the Gallery but is not available to non-members

Chat is available (for members only) If you hold down your ctrl button (cmd for Mac users) when clicking on chat it will open in a new window or tab allowing you to chat and browse the forum at the same time (we still need to do a little tweaking to get this to happen on just a click)

Posting Images can be done in a number of ways:
  • in the Media centre they can be uploaded into an existing album or to an album of your own.
  • If you want to add photos to your post then you can upload them as attachments
  • To add images in your text you can do the following:
Load your images to a storage site like Photobucket, then link from there to your post using the following code:

Code: [Select]

[img] [/img]

Right click on the image you wish to show in your post and "copy image location" then paste as follows
Code: [Select]



Only members are allowed to view images. Please register or login

Movies simply load your movie to You Tube or similar site then put the full url to it in your post - the movie will automatically embed and show

Avatars and SigPics If you want a pic reduced to use as your Avatar or a pic turning into a SigPic for use in your signature please ask
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Only members are allowed to view images. Please register or login Only members are allowed to view images. Please register or login

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